Burn Time

Medium 30 hours*
Large 60 hours*


Medium 150g
Large 400g


100% soy wax, cotton wick, fragrance oils,
pure essential oils

Getting the most out of your Botanical Forrest candles

  1. Burn candles for between 2-4 hours at a time. Natural wax has memory and remembers how you burn it. It can tunnel if you don’t wait for it to reach a full melt pool each time you use it.
  2. Always trim the wick to 5mm before each burn as it will give a cleaner, brighter burn. Natural wax is perfectly imperfect: so don’t worry if your candles have holes or frost, it’s a sign that you are using a natural, handmade product.
  3. Avoid touching or moving candles when lit as the container may become hot during use.
  4. Always follow the safety information on the base label.
  5. Finish using your candles when 5mm of wax remains.

*Average burn times are approximate and depend on location, ambient room temperature and conditions.

Additional Information

 Botanical Forrest - Black Fig & Vetiver 400g