Wax Burner

In collaboration with Dominic Upson, a potter living and working on a small family-run apple farm in Suffolk, individual handmade wax burners are available. These make a lovely gift – or why not treat yourself?

Our soy wax melts can be used in any traditional wax burner or warmer.
They are not suitable for use in electric diffusers that release steam.


Each soy wax melt is approximately 2.7 x 2.7 cm

Drawstring Bag

Fairtrade organic cotton drawstring bag: 20 x 14 cm

How to use wax melts

  1. Place one or two wax melts on your burner.
  2. Light a tea light underneath.
  3. Continue to melt wax until all the fragrance has disappeared.
  4. When there is no more fragrance, wait for the wax to cool and touch with a spoon for a clean release from the wax burner. Alternatively light your new tea light underneath for a few minutes which will loosen the old wax melt and remove, before placing the new wax melt in the wax burner.

*Average burn times are approximate and depend on location, ambient room temperature and conditions.

Additional Information

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